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Jane Austen wrote

Of all the timeless novels Jane Austen wrote, EMMA is my favorite.


Salka's translation of Jane Austen‘s Emma

Most recently, Salka's translation of Jane Austen‘s Emma was published by Forlagið in 2012.


Miss Austen

When Miss Austen wrote Emma, Jane Vincent said, “I am going to take a heroine whom no one but myself will much like,” because the character was often blinded Jane Vincent's own beliefs.

Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith may have been referencing the incident when Joseph Smith wrote Emma the following day about wandering over the “plains of the Nephites” [4] and picking up skulls as an authentication of the Book of Mormon, but Joseph Smith never mentions an ancient warrior named Zelph and a previously unknown prophet named Onandagus.


Julie Kim, UFT,

Julie Kim, UFT, has written Emma, a children's book about a girl who inspires children to read, think and write.

Jane Austen's novel Emma (

Jane Austen's novel Emma (anonymous; dated 1816).


an Italian-Albanian, Anton Santo ri

The first Albanian play, Emma, was written in 1887 by an Italian-Albanian, Anton Santo ri, and dealt with themes of the Albanian diaspora (migration to other countries).


read by Juliet Stevenson

I have ‘Emma’ read by Juliet Stevenson and 75 minuets’s great – I always think of Mrs Elton when I listen.

Jane Austin

Jane Austin wrote Emma as a satire with significant comic elements, and I think that this production and casting captures that really well.



During their courtship, McKay wrote Emma many love letters where President McKay declared, “I feel thankful that I know what pure love is, and that the person whom I love is the truest, sweetest girl that lives.”