About Us

YottaAnswers is a smart AI system that understands questions and returns direct answers with no tracking nor ads.

The organic Web with high quality links as we have known it has effectively ceased to exist years ago. People all over the world do not want to bother with putting in high quality organic links. In their place we have closed apps, walled gardens and vertical silos of information, where links are an afterthought that is discouraged or outright forbidden. The links that being put in are there only for some expected payoff or gain.

In such a world, the notion of search engines returning as results blue links representing pages where keywords appear is now quaint and legacy. Users expect dirrect answers to their questions as opposed to links to pages where keywords in their questions appear. They want to be in control to decide if answers merit further browsing considerations.

The other big change on the Web is that it has been overrun with mountains of ads, cookies and all kinds of tracking making a mockery of user privacy, to put it kindly.

Our core mission in creating YottaAnswers is to give our users direct answers to their questions, with no tracking nor ads. We set out to create a system of very large scale, starting with billions of answers and to design it in a way that is much more efficient than contemporary NLP systems, such as e.g. transformers. Such systems are borderline absurd in terms of their size and the scale of resources required for their training, ranging in millions of dollars for a single training run alone.

So here we present to you what we have built, please give it a try and tell us what you think.

A BIG thank you for taking a look,

YottaAnswers Team

E-mail: support@yottaanswers.com