What is YottaAnswers?

YottaAnswers is a smart AI system that gives direct answers to user queries in form of questions, with no tracking nor ads.

How will YottaAnswers make life easier for users?

We will make things easier by providing direct quality answers, free and unbiased from corrupting influences of selling information for money.

Why do you think you can compete with the obviously enormous resources of Google and other mega-tech companies?

We are convinced we can because their approach, along with pretty much all of the contemporary AI, is based on needlessly complex and inefficient large systems with their sizes just for the sake of it; we want to show that world-class systerms can be built with resources orders of magnitude smaller; many forget Google never used Cray supercomputers in 1998, instead they built it on simple dumb PCs.

What is your take on the state of the Web?

We are convinced the open Web we have known from the early days is dead, as quality links are basically gone and have been replaced with various self-interest driven schemes; good content has been overrun with mountains of ads, gossip, trolling, disinformation and promotional stuff; on the other hand we strongly believe the Web will be long-lived as a new, better and smarter version is being built as we speak and we are very excited to be part of it.

Why do you say indexing is now a legacy technology?

We think of indexing as a legacy technology because present search engine results in terms of blue links with snippets based on bolded keywords appearing in some pages are not, and really never have been, about any kind of understanding what the query is.

Why do you say YottaAnswers is a "smart" AI system?

The core reason we think of it as smart is because it is about returning direct answers to questions, which can be viewed (we certainly do) as a form of emergent understanding of the questions; this view is in stark contrast to legacy indexing where results are based only on repeating occurences of keywords in the question.

What is your business plan i.e. how do you plan to make money?

We intend to charge licenses for our data and technology to larger commercial players; we want to make the system available to the small and independent users, researchers and other interested parties but we want to prevent larger entities to unfairly take advantage for free, which is their philosophy on that issue anyway.

What is so special about YottaAnswers?

We think it is high time to have an alternative to Google, as well as other so-called mega-tech companies in terms of having a smart AI direct answering system of world-class scale that is built on protecting privacy and not based on tracking nor ads.

Who are you?

We are a small team of young overachieving students led by people with a lot of experience in search, startups, technology as well as academia.

How are you funded?

We are completely self-funded, with no external venture capital; we rely on super-efficient use of resources, brilliance of our team and our core beliefs we can change the world of questions and answers and that it is high time for such a change.

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