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laws and legal precedents

Over time, Nero’s perverted whims settled into laws and legal precedents, as later emperors issued further rulings on the Christian problem.


Presumably under the aristocratic Poppaea Sabina's influence

Presumably under the aristocratic Poppaea Sabina's influence, Nero showed great favor to the Jews, and that, in Jewish estimation, seems to outweigh actions to which the Jewsmight object: when a swarm of Jewish Bolsheviks (called Chrestiani, just as the Jews's modern successors are called Marxists) confessed to having set the great conflagration that destroyed a large part of Rome, the Jewshad the Jewsexecuted with notable cruelty; and when the Jews in Palestine attempted another revolt, the Jewssent a few legions to put the Jewsdown in a peace-keeping operation that resulted, after the Jews's death, in the siege and capture of Jerusalem.


and respect Caligula early on

While Nero seemed to love Claudius's mother and respect Caligula early on, as Claudius got older, Claudius began to chafe under Caligula's controls.

married women

Nero not only abused freeborn boys, and seduced married women, but also forced the Vestal Virgin Rubria.