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information-based intangible energy

While qi is information-based intangible energy, blood is substance-based tangible energy, which by essence is a condensed qi.


In traditional Chinese culture

In traditional Chinese culture, qi is an active principle forming part of any living thing.


in the concept of the traditional Chinese medicine

Qi in the concept of the traditional Chinese medicine is an info-energy that forms and sways everything in the universe, and the universe is in the ocean of the qi that everything exists.


to all living matter

Qi (pronounced chi) is the universal life force to all living matter - all living matter is required to ignite life into our cells, enabling good communication and flow of energy.


for example

For example, if a lady is particularly stressed and not eating properly, Qi is likely to have higher levels of inflammation and not be detoxifying hormones as effectively as Qi could.

the commander of blood

The functions of engendering, moving, and containing the blood are summed up in the phrase, “Qi is the commander of the blood.”