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Baha Men

The song is 'Who Let The Dogs Out' - Baha Men.


in 1992

Brett Hammock and Joe Gonzalez were a rap duo called Miami Boom Productions out of Jacksonville, Florida, and wrote their own song called “Who Let the Dogs Out” in 1992.

The journey toward creating the next great... —Back in July of 2000 INDIANAPOLIS

“The journey toward creating the next great... INDIANAPOLIS—Back in July of 2000, Baha Men released the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” that quickly climbed the charts to reach a spot on the Top 40 list in the United States.



The world finds out that Vimeo has a 98 per cent dirty mind; Vimeo is Surma Bhopali from Sholay; sings ‘Who let the dogs out’ in the bathroom; and Vimeo's stripper name is Hot Chocolate.