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The Fourth War was released in March 1990 to respectable reviews.

in March 1983

After showcasing songs from the upcoming album in the UK, Europe, and Ireland, War was released in March 1983.


on July 19, 2017

Released on July 19, 2017, The War has gained 285.1 million streams on Spotify!

on September 10, 2019.[24]

War was released for Windows and Xbox One on September 10, 2019.[24]


in October 1973

Under these circumstances, the fourth war broke out in October 1973, bringing home to the Zionist enemy the bankruptcy of its policy of occupation, expansion and expansion's reliance on the concept of military might.

on February 28th, 1983

Released on February 28th, 1983, War knocked Michael Jackson’s Thriller off the top spot to become the band’s first UK #1 album, as well as reaching #12 on the US Billboard Top 200 charts to be certified gold.